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Environmental Sustainability (CAIES) Foundation

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About CAIES Foundation

The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Sustainability (CAIES) Foundation, is a niche Section (8) non-profit organization that focuses on trans-disciplinary challenges, which require sustainable outcomes that are implementable and operational in the areas of environment, economics, and society through extensive research and development using cutting edge data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and geospatial tools and technologies.

Solutions are designed based on the ‘goals’ considering its multidimensional aspects which are grounded in micro and macro scientific and technical rigors.


Our focus areas are centered around the six areas of environmental sustainability prioritized by the World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. The CAIES Foundation would extend its education, training, and research activities in other areas required to address the sustainability issues.

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Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Sustainability
Abstract Series of Forgotten Research

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CAIES generously promotes and supports research in fundamental and applied science through internships for school students, undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students.

We look for people who are committed to science, society, and humanity, who have passion and dedication to accomplish their goals through sincere efforts. If you know what you want, we know how to make it happen.
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